Fall Fun Activities

We have over 20 acres of over 30 different fun activities!

Last entry to Fun Center is at 6pm! You will need at least one hour to enjoy all the activities!

New in 2021!

Fun Center expansion includes...
  • Pumpkin Vine Zip Lines
  • Pumpkin Knock Down
  • Additional Milk Jug Toss
  • Expanded Corn Maze
Enchanted Forest expansion includes...
  • Caleb's RED vs. BLUE Obstacle Course
  • Giant Saucer Swings
Spooky Hoops
Kids Ball Toss
Rocking Horses
Ropin' Roundup
Giant Gerbil Wheels
Creepy Tepee Crawl
Kids Basketball
Conestoga Corn Wagon
Rooster Races & Turkey Tube Slides
Giant Saucer Swings
Football Throw
Ball Toss
Milk Jug Toss
Pumpkin Knock Down
Lydia's Treehouse
Duck Races
Tractor Tire Playground
Pumpkin Vine Zip Lines

Fort Pigeon Roost
Triple Treat Slide
Rumble Bee Slide
Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
Straw Barn
Black Mamba Swings
Spooky Straw Tunnel
Twisty Snake Seesaw
Pumpkin Express Train
Hay Wagon with Slide
Andy's Obstacle Adventure
Creepy Caterpillar
Giant Sandbox with Diggers
Toddler Town
Stepping Stone Mazes
Woodplay Play System (provided by Recreations Outlet)